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Textile vinyl is one of the fabric printing techniques that is highly resistant to washing. A sublimable service that you can have to personalize your garments in the best way and have the textile vinyl wherever you want.


Customize the design by choosing the colors you want and the size you need. The limit is in your creativity.


It is a very fast process. The preparation is simple, its production time reduced.


Textile vinyl printing greatly reduces costs and is very economical to produce and ship.


It has a high durability resistant to washing which makes it used for sports uniforms.

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Buy quality vinyl custom t- shirts so you can wear the designs you like the most. Contact us and choose the design you want so that we can personalize your shirts and fit you.

With us you can have a high quality printable vinyl on your shirts that you cannot miss.

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Work clothes are often used and washed frequently, so it is necessary to print quality and resistant vinyl .

Our service will be able to give you a sublimable textile vinyl that is able to withstand many washes and remain intact.


Printing textile vinyl was never so efficient and fast until we offer this type of service in our company. With us you have the opportunity to have the design you want with the most resistant and durable textile vinyl .

Your sweatshirts will have a truly sublimatable adhesive , you just have to contact us and we will work on your sweatshirts.


Improve the style of your shirt with a sublimable vinyl , you no longer have to buy designs that you don’t like. With us you have the possibility to print quality vinyl on your favorite t-shirts so that they look the way you want.

The clothing vinyl we use is totally durable and can withstand many washes without wearing off. So you can customize them as you wish.


More and more people are using custom t- shirts with high-quality textile vinyl . That is why with us it will no longer be necessary to buy new designs, you will be able to have vinyl for clothing that is resistant.

With our service you can have the designs that you like the most on your t- shirts so that you look amazing. You just have to access and contact us to design the shirts to your liking.

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Baby clothes

Wouldn’t you like to have clothes for your baby with personalized sublimable vinyl ? The smallest of the house will also be able to have personalized vinyl garments with their favorite designs.

Just by contacting us we can make your baby look amazing with their personalized clothes. The designs you want can be stamped with a good adhesive .

Print textile vinyl on your personalized garment

Quality prints with clothing vinyl for all the garments you want. With us you can have a totally personalized design that can be adjusted to your tastes.

Just by contacting us you can find the best textile vinyl for your garments and have striking and colorful designs. A way to demonstrate the good taste you have for your clothes.

Frequent questions

If you want to have personalized t- shirts , baby clothes or even work clothes, you just have to access our service. So you can contact us and choose the type of garment to which you want to add this personalized sticker .

After this you will only have to wait for the process to be completed and you will have your designs printed on your shirts .

They are totally resistant and of good quality, they will be able to withstand several washes without losing their design. The adhesive is totally resistant, it adheres very well to the different types of fabric that you have on your garments.

Thanks to the quality of the finishes, they are able to resist different types of work clothes that are used in demanding tasks.

For this, the designs are taken and printed on the vinyl material, a sheet of poliflex for a better finish. A carrier sheet will then be used to help carry the design to the iron where it will be attached to the clothing.

With this you only have to apply heat so that it is fully stamped with the designs you have chosen.

For textile vinyl you only need an inkjet printer that allows you a good finish with good quality colors. Then this is loaded onto the plotter so that the image that you will take to your garment can be cut.

All the remaining sublimable textile vinyl will be removed to cover it with the carrier sheet and thus take it to the plate. With the heat it will adhere to the fabric.

It is best to use an inkjet printer. With this one you have a better quality in the impressions thanks to the water-based ink that it usually uses. This allows the design to look much better and can then be taken to the plotter to be cut.

Ink is one of the things that customers take into account the most. Ideally, it should be able to withstand different washes without damaging the design.

To print on vinyl it is important to have the necessary materials that give the finish durability. Vinyl for clothing is important as long as it is used with a water-based inkjet printer.

The carrier sheet that will help carry the sublimable textile vinyl to the fabric of the clothing that is being worked on is important. An iron to apply pressure and heat on the materials so that they adhere correctly to the fabric of the clothes.

Ideally, textile vinyl can be printed on different types of fabrics that are resistant. In general, they are usually the most profitable 100% cotton, as well as those of combination between polyester and cotton.

Among the main types of fabrics are cotton, polyester, canvas, blends, sweatshirts, ecological bags, among others. In this way, a resistant result can be achieved, with a good finish and that lasts a long time.

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