Excellent technique of custom embroidery

Nowadays, many companies decide to use the technique of custom embroidery in order to offer a more professional image. And today it is widely accepted because it gives a more elegant use that gives value to a garment.

That is why below we will learn more about custom embroidery and some useful tips for using it.

The custom embroidery technique

Custom embroidery technique is an elegant and resistant procedure that gives more visual value to a brand. Up to fifteen colors can be used in this technique. However, it is advised to use a maximum of six colors for a logo.

With some exceptions, such as certain types of parkas and vests, there are many textile accessories and garments that can be custom embroidered.

custom embroidery

Reasons to make a custom embroidery

Of the custom methods, the embroidery technique is the most resistant and also the most sophisticated. When a garment has personalized embroidery, the company transmits a more corporate and professional image.

Another reason is the quality of an embroidery, which looks good on all types of fabrics. In fact, you can even embroider chunky T-shirts, caps, and sweatshirts.

Types of custom embroidery

Our company offers two types of custom embroidery:

Classic embroidery on garments and badges that are sewn or ironed directly on clothing.

Embroidery for designers such as t-shirts, caps or sweatshirts.

custom embroidery

Cost and maintenance of a custom embroidery

Since it is a high quality technique, we recommend that it be done in the same way on good quality clothing. Custom embroidery can easily be done on heavyweight grammage.

To calculate the embroidery fees, aspects such as the order quantity, the difficulty of the garment or the stitches required by the design are considered. Although no special washing is required, it is suggested that it be in lukewarm water and not iron the logo directly.

Who decides on custom embroidery?

Custom embroidery on clothing is widely used among designers and clothing brands that typically create a type of embroidered shirt for sale.

Many sports teams use an embroidered shield of their brand on their sweatshirts, polo shirts or jackets. It is also widely used in workwear that gives a corporate image.

For work clothes it is usually the best option, since it is very durable. Additionally, if you choose a well-trained company for this, you will have excellent quality threads that do not fade or crack.

Ideal garments for custom embroidery

  • Tshirts.
  • Sweatshirts.
  • Vests.
  • Hats.
  • Backpacks.
  • Jackets.

Garments not suitable for embroidery

  • Parkas or vests without zippers
  • Taffeta clothing
  • T-shirts too thin.

Our service

Our company does impeccable work, has years of experience and that is why we know the level of a garment with personalized embroidery. Before starting to embroider our clients’ garments we usually send a virtual sample. So that our client can test the final result regarding position and size.

We accept orders from ten units and the rates are calculated according to the quantity, thread stitches and size. Our clients can add a few words at no additional cost. Because it is laborious work, we deliver orders within ten to twenty days.

There is no doubt that embroidery is a high-quality technique perfect for personalizing a company or brand, which is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to give a corporate image.

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