Sustainable fashion. A way to take care of the planet

The concept of sustainable fashion is beginning to be heard more strongly. This is because people who work with fashion have worried about the environmental impact that clothing can have on the environment. Walking for a greener alternative, fashion continues.

Sustainable fashion has been presented as the new way of producing garments but with a different and cleaner production model in terms of environmental impact. In the following article we will explain what it is about and we will understand how each of us is involved with this concept.

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion. What does it consist of?

So, sustainable fashion can be defined as the purpose of industries to control the duration of clothing. In this way the environment can be protected. That is to say in other words, they focus on creating the highest quality garments that can be worn for as long as possible and thus not discard a low-quality garment every so often.

Further, they take a certain parameter when manufacturing the garments. They must know what the origin of the raw material is, the method of making it, the use to be made of the garment and, of course, its duration.

Sustainable fashion studies every detail to make and promote the use of so-called ecological garments. That is why they prefer the use of fabrics made from bamboo, cotton and cellulose fibers.

They are also concerned with using natural dyes that do not affect the environment in any way, and the packaging used tends to be recycled. That is to say, they offer a fashion with garments that are absolutely respectful with the environment.

Sustainable fashion culture

The concept of sustainable fashion is not as recent as some believe. In fact, for more than 20 years, some designers and companies related to fashion have challenged themselves to create ecological clothing pieces. Thus, garments that are made with recyclable fabrics of organic origin or even with second-hand materials.

In this way, these companies have opted for these materials in order to help the environment. Also to protect all those people who work in textile factories who at some point may be exposed to chemicals and other materials. Since they could affect your body and health or even the environment.

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion, the antonym of fast fashion

Due to its characteristics and objectives, sustainable fashion has been the opposite of fast fashion. The objective of this is rather to buy many garments in order to get more sales and more money without looking at the consequences of the quality of the garment.

So, fast fashion leaves poor quality garments that last a very short time. Certainly, it makes people discard them and buy more clothes in a short time promoting a negative environmental impact on the planet.

Characteristics and principles of sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is based on some principles that we have previously mentioned and that we describe below.

Use of recycled and durable materials

Certainly, the main characteristic of sustainable fashion industries is the use of materials that are easy to recycle. Materials to reuse, which can be resistant to last a long time. Following this parameter reduces the need to be buying clothes at all times on a large scale.

Manufacture without toxic chemicals

Secondly, sustainable fashion takes the manufacturing process very seriously, as it has to be without the use of chemicals that can be dangerous.

These chemicals can cause irreparable damage to the environment and put the health of those involved at risk. That is why a fundamental principle is the use of natural, non-toxic dyes.

Transfer of merchandise

Thirdly, it is important to avoid contamination from the shipment. Sustainable fashion encourages local production in small companies in each city. This creates greater employment opportunities within specific regions.

Original products

Original products are also part of the concept of sustainable fashion as opposed to fast fashion that only focus on creating serial products.

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is also for you: be a responsible consumer

When garments are produced within the criteria of sustainable fashion, the aim is to raise consumer awareness. Since they are the ones who decide what they want to buy. That is why, it is intended to create awareness in each consumer so that they can understand the importance of consuming with conscience.

Having a good consumer awareness means being more attentive to the origin of the garment, also worrying about the useful life of it. You must be aware of what your true needs are, that is, not buying for buying, but learning to take advantage of every garment you have.

This will be achieved by not discarding the garments when they still have a useful life, but trying to get the most out of what you already have. One way to do this is by getting a new life to the garment you have, modifying it and valuing that you have a quality piece that still has life left.

Although you might think that when they are buying a sustainable garment, it is more expensive than a common garment. However, you are rather saving money because you are investing in a quality garment. This will last a long time unlike a garment that can practically be considered disposable. In the next video, you have some ideas to recycle clothes.


Considering sustainable fashion is being responsible to the planet

As we have mentioned a garment of sustainable origin does not tend to be as expensive as it is believed. Rather, the entire creation and manufacturing process seeks to lower the cost of an excellent quality garment. There are different ways to be sustainable when it comes to fashion.

Just a little creativity and wanting to be part of the difference that is contributing to the environment is enough. For example, you can practice the exchange, that is, if a garment bores you but it is in good condition, try to exchange it with a friend who may be in a similar situation.

By making this type of exchange, you will earn a garment that will be new in your closet, without investing money. So, only take advantage of the fact that you had a quality garment that helped you obtain something different.

In the event that the garment is already somewhat damaged, there is always the option of being able to repair it or use that material to create a different piece.


Upcycling and personalized clothing: Alternatives for a second chance

Upcycling is a technique in which disused materials or pieces of clothing already used are used to create a new one from these materials. It is like giving a second life to your clothes. With it, another alternative is created to extend the life of the materials used.

We also urge you to be able to custom those garments that you already feel you need to change and give it that personal touch that will make it unique. Besides, you know that we offer you different printing methods with which to give a new life and image to your garment. Therefore, some of them, you can performe at home. It will be an excellent decision.

sustainable fashion

Confinement: an opportunity to remain sustainable

Confinement has given many people the opportunity to spend a lot of time at home, and more than regretting, we must take advantage of this. Since we have the time, it can be used to look for those garments that we no longer wear and give them that second chance.

Moreover, these garments can be exchanged, modified or personalized. For that reason, take the time to reflect on it. Keep in mind that with these actions you are contributing to the environment and you become a more responsible person with ecology.

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