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Are you looking for the best sublimation t-shirt desing service? At Tshirts Florida we offer you this service to personalize your uniforms, t-shirts and any other garment.

With the sublimation technique on fabric we can reproduce any design on shirts, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts and much more. Now you can have your favorite logo or design without color limitations!


All kinds of customization, perfect finishes like those of an image without additional costs.


Allows garments to breathe, is not heavy, negligible to the touch, perfect print, like a photograph.


It is a good quality-price option for highly suffered garments such as school or work uniforms.


It allows a perfect impression with the fabric, which makes it indelible. Ideal for school uniforms.

camisa personalizada sublimacion



We have a variety of finishes t-shirt sublimation printers that will make you look unique. If you have a team or just want to wear your sublimation t-shirt design, in T-shirts in Florida you will find everything you need.

Textile vinyl

We have several models of sublimable textile vinyl :

  • For polyester cotton garments
  • Light and dark colored textiles
  • different textures
  • With matte, glossy or flocked finish

You just have to contact us and we will be ready to customize in textile sublimable vinyl !


For your outings, promotions, advertising or sporting events, an excellent quality cap will always be the best option.

uniformes sublimacion

Uniforms and workwear

  • Texts
  • Color or black and white photos
  • logos

Whatever the design, if you want to achieve a glossy, realistic finish using a variety of colors, this is the ideal technique.


  • Customize the sweatshirt to your liking
  • 100% guaranteed quality

Sublimation on fabric is the best option if you want your textile and its design to last intact for a long time.

Sublimation on the fabric of your choice

At Tshirts Florida we always want to offer you the best. That is why you can choose the fabric of your choice and the sublimation designs you want. We will take care that your textile is luxurious!

Although it is true that most people prefer polyester to sublimate, we also do:

  • cotton sublimation
  • Dry Fit
  • polyester trench coat
  • Jumper Set
  • stretch microfiber

And more! Just tell us which is your favorite and we adapt to what you are looking for.

How does our clothing sublimation service work?

If you are interested in our textile sublimation service you just have to contact us through our website Or write to us at +1 786 200 7875 or 305 631 1784 for more information.

You can request a quote according to the project you have in mind. We will advise you and tell you what would be the best way to sublimate it to achieve an optimal result.


Just go to the Contacts section and send us a message, or contact us by the electronic email

What garments can be personalized with textile sublimation?

There are endless garments that you can customize with the sublimation technique:

  • Tshirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • shirts
  • Caps
  • bibs
  • Towels
  • Masks
  • Work clothes

You can even personalize bags, scarves and pants.

Is the finish of your sublimated clothing of good quality?

The finishes of our sublimated clothing are of the best quality. All the materials we use at Tshirts Florida, the inks, the techniques and the entire process is carried out with the utmost attention to detail.

The results are incomparable!

What technique do you use for sublimation clothing?

The process of sublimating a shirt is very simple:

  • We print the design of your preference on the paper to sublimate.
  • Then, we place the garment with the paper on top of the hot iron.
  • At that time, we close the plate to put pressure on the textile.
  • We follow the temperature and time indications until the process is finished.
  • Then, we let the garment get cool.

Now that you know more about this process and our services, if you have shirts to sublimate, textiles, or another product to sublimate, with the accompaniment of our TshirtsFlorida team you can realize all those wonderful ideas and designs that you have in mind.

Frequent questions

It is a printing technique with which different designs can be reproduced on garments. They can be from photographs to illustrations, gradients or logos, without color limitations.

The finishes of our sublimated clothing are of the best quality. All the materials we use at TshirtsFlorida, the inks, the techniques, and the whole process is carried out with maximum attention to detail.

The results are incomparable!

Both techniques differ both in the materials used and in the procedure. Sublimation must be done on polyester fabrics for the design to last. While the print is preferably done on cotton fabrics.

Likewise, sublimation is usually executed on light-colored fabrics, while in printing the t-shirts can be of any color. Sublimation can last longer than printing, since the latter usually has cracks.

There are 2 types of sublimation:

  • Direct sublimation. The images are printed with ink on the fabric.
  • By transfer. A paper on which the design has been previously printed is used. The design is then heat transferred to the textile.

In either type, heat is used to achieve a better result.

The transfer is focused on textile printing, but sublimation offers you other advantages such as greater durability of the designs and a greater variety of garments to personalize.

Technically it seems possible to use your printer for sublimation, however, from a practical point of view, it is almost impossible.

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