Questions to Ask Before Selling your Merchandise at A Festival

We must have experienced a scenario where we see an adult (middle-aged) walking into a store or bar, wearing a shirt with a festival design that dates many years back, printed on top of it. It is quite easy for us to think he has nothing else to wear, or maybe he just put it on without thinking about it. Many may also believe he is trying to relive the memories of the old days, or you could just describe it as an effective branding!

Every festival is an opportunity for you to make more sales and get your merchandise to a large and diverse set of people. The ability to ensure your merchandise is still relevant many years later requires a bit more effort on your part. Through musical festivals, seasonal festival or any other festival you can think of, your ability to catch the attention of the audience and captivate them with your design enough to make them spend the money that should have gone for food or drinks, on your merchandise is key.
Festivals are increasing and tons of people are taking advantage of these platforms. But before diving in, here are some important questions you should ask yourself;


Why should you sell your merchandise at this event?

Festivals come with that feeling of freedom! Everyone comes out to be themselves and have fun with the ones they love. Festivals are also when people come to create memories and your merchandise might just be what will connect these people to this memory. Depending on your budget, feel free to go all out. Consider the atmosphere to be expected. Consider the type of group expected at the event and be ready to relate with them. This is the perfect opportunity for your brand to help people create memories.

What kind of merchandise will be most effective?

Your designs need to be imaginative. After all, it is a festival! Depending on the festival, you may choose to go for a very crazy design or a just crazy design. Of course, you will have to sell T-shirts and Caps majorly because they are the best sellers at these sort of events. But there are many more products for you to sell. Some may include hats, bags, posters, sweatpants and more. Festivals allow many to be their unusual self so you should take advantage of that to sell unusual kinds of stuff. Get crafty, review past similar festivals and experiment. Ensure your brand identity is obvious on these products and ensure they would remain worthy in the years to come.

How much merchandise do you expect to sell?

While you want to promote your brand and give people a good product that will last, never forget about the bottom line. Consider the business questions: how many items are you expecting to sell? Do you know the right sizes, colors, and quantities to order? You don’t want to run out and lose valuable sales, but order too much and you’ll end up with merch clogging up the attic, no good to anyone. By bringing an artist’s eye to design, a manager’s mind to logistics and a fulfilled heart to a festival, your merchandise will represent all the best things about the event.

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