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A personalized t-shirt is a garment that most people should have in their closet, an authentic element. We may come up with the idea of wearing a T- shirt at any time since it is ideal to use on many occasions.

Currently, this type of garment is a great option for a gift. It is also perfect for an important event, and even for identifying company personnel.

Custom t-shirt printing

There are many factors to consider when ordering a custom t-shirt. A T-shirt is a basic garment that anyone should have, considering that it brings freshness, it’s light and quite comfortable.

Since the 90’s, with the rise of the internet, multiple online stores appeared and among them, clothing stores stand out. T-shirt printing was one of the activities most demanded by customers.

In short, what can be customizable was the boom of the moment and remains to this day.

According to the RAE, personalizing is attributed to the fact of “Giving personal character to something”, with a t-shirt the same thing happens. Customizing a garment is an idea that’s supposed to be particularly original, we will be wearing an item that fully expresses who we are.

How to print a t-shirt?

This process is innovative and includes technology as the main element to achieve it. To print a T-shirt, a printer is used that gradually injects ink into the textile in a mechanical way. The shirt does not need pre-treatment.

The process is closely linked to normal printing on paper, only that instead of placing paper, you would be placing fabric. This type of manufacturing to obtain a personalized t-shirt has multiple advantages, among which the following stand out:

• It is an ideal technique for any number of shirts. For example, it can go from 5 t-shirts, to a single unit.

• Print quality is of the highest definition. Ideal for capturing photographs.

• The print is accurately captured and it feels very smooth.

• The reflected design can be modified.

• There is no limit on the colors to use, and it maintains a very neat process.

• Printing on any garment is usually the ideal method to achieve much more defined images, where there are no limits.

Factors to consider when requesting a custom t-shirt

Today it is possible to order unique t-shirts, with custom designs and colors to achieve your desired goal. However, for the acquisition to be successful and fulfill all the requirements, it is important to consider the following:

1. Define the objective you will have
This is very important because it defines the use and intention for which you will wear the t-shirt. It is essential to consider whether it will be for personal use, for a gift or for your business staff.
Knowing what use it will have, it is time to establish the model, material and stamping. All this will depend on the purpose of use.

2. It’s time to choose the design, logo, colors, model and more
If it’s about a business, the ideal thing would be to place the business brand or any element that relates to it. It is also important to select the location of the logo and the implementation of any additional logo.
The company in charge of printing is very likely to issue suggestions based on its work experience. But not everything is logos, if it is not for a business, it is important to define a central and unique image.

3. Select the quality of the custom t-shirt
The quality of the material to be used will again depend on the use that is given to the garment. If it is for frequent use, it is important to choose a durable material, because constant washing wears it out.
The materials to choose can range from cotton to the most durable, or technical t-shirts. The latter is designed with a lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric.

4. Do not forget the size
If it’s about small quantities or by default per unit, it is easier to determine the size. On the other hand, if it is a large order where the size of each person is unknown, it is recommended to select different sizes.
The main sizes are Small, Medium and Large. Similarly, the printing company can establish a more viable recommendation and thus avoid overspending.

5. Select the model you want
The custom t-shirt can have short or long sleeves or just be straps. The choice of the model will depend on the purpose it has, if it is for personal use or it’s aimed at a business.
In addition, the model will influence the person who uses it, whether it is a female, male or even child audience. From this, many things will be defined. If the design goes to a general audience, it is necessary to establish a universal design.

6. Note the time
Printing on any garment requires a certain time to complete the order. Analyze your particular order and request information about the time.

7. Analyze the cost
Do not forget that the cost of printing will depend on all the factors mentioned above and the company that is accessed. To find a good quality-price relation, you only need to use personal judgment.

Clothing printing company
T-Shirtsflorida is a company that has more than 10 years in the market. It is positioned as the first printing company in Florida. The entity offers a wide catalog of options, covering screen printing and printing, achieving the best personalized t-shirt.
For this company nothing is big or small, any vision you want to capture on your shirt will come true. The company doesn’t just do the hard and mechanical work. It also offers professional graphic design services and brings you art and authenticity.

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