Elements to Consider When Before Deciding Between Screen Print and Digital Printing

If you are trying to decide between screen printing and Digital printing for your next apparel run,  it’s very important that you first understand the unique benefits that each option has to offer before you make a decision. In more often than not, digital printing is usually favored for its fast, low run, and high color count jobs. On the other hand, screen printing is usually favored because it offers a better range of color, and more flexibility in the materials it can print on, and a wider printable size range.

Here are some of the elements you should understand before you choose between DTG and screen print.


In case you are looking for a normal full front design, then both screen and digital are great choices. If you are going for something that is a little bit more non-traditional, such as an all over print, then there will definitely be a clear choice. Even though there may be some few limitations, screen printing can always get the job done with a lot of ease. There, in terms of size, screen printing is supreme.

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Compared to digital printing, screen printing is technique heavy endeavor and laborious. Therefore, it takes a while. Even though it’s worth the effort and time, it’s not a good choice if you are in a pinch and you need more than ten tees printed this very minute. Digital printing would be your ideal choice if you are in a hurry to print a huge number of tees. Digital printing can have your entire order printed and waiting for you within no time. So, when it comes to speed, digital printing reigns.

Printable garments

Whether you are going for screen or digital, printing on cotton is often the best. In other words, you can opt for either DTG or screen printing if the material to be printed is cotton. Screen print can easily handle bamboo, burlap, Teflon coated fabrics, nylon, polyester and almost any material. However, Digital printing is another story in this regard. It’s almost limited to cotton, but printing polyester on is also okay provided no under base is needed. That therefore means very light or white garments only. So, in regards to the type of garments to be printed, the old school wins.


Screen print looks and has always looked great. Both screen and digital will look clear, crisp and nice provided the source art is good. Color is actually the determining factor here. Screen print is immensely versatile in technical capabilities and ink variations. Digital printing’s violets and blues just don’t look great on an under base. Furthermore, it doesn’t have the gonzo inks which screen printing has like the metallic, glow in the Ultraviolet and dark sensitive colors. Of course, the color range is adequate most jobs. However, screen print wins out at the end because of its better ability to match more admirably and accurately with the visible spectrum.

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