Clothing embroidery

Embroidered shirt custom services are one of the ways to customize a more elegant and resistant garment. In addition, it is a technique that transcends the dictates of fashion and is timeless.

Embroidery adds value to any garment and gives it a unique touch. It is an extremely versatile technique that can be used on countless materials and pieces of clothing.

In our embroidery store, you can find different options and a multitude of garments for any occasion, with a great finish, and beauty.

Differentiate yourself

Make a difference with your competition. The customization of the uniform is also marketing.

Long duration

Treating it with due care, the embroidery has unlimited durability. It is recommended to wash the pieces inside out.


The embroidery stands out because at first glance you can see the quality and the elaboration. Giving professionalism to your brand.


When it comes to jobs where we have to visit clients, these uniforms give confidence and identification.

ropar para bebe dordado

Baby clothes

Regardless of the technique used, embroidery for baby clothes is always particularly delicate and beautiful. In fact, it is a characteristic technique in this type of garment.


They are also suitable for both women and men. Embroidery is ideal for turning an old shirt into a new garment, or even for repairing broken clothes. You can also get custom embroidered shirts at no minimum at an affordable price.

If you want to give a shirt a different, renewed, and unique look, embroidered t-shirt custom services are the ideal solution.

ropa de trabajo bordada


  • It offers your workforce a sense of belonging and cohesion.
  • It is an easy way to identify your staff and company.
  • Strengthen the image of your business.
  • It is constant, simple and free advertising.
  • It gives a professional appearance to your employees and a serious and responsible image to your company.

Workwear embroidery is a great option to consider, as this technique offers easy-care and long-lasting results. As if that were not enough, it can be applied to almost all types of textiles and various products.

If you are interested in obtaining the best embroideries for work clothes and at the best prices, do not hesitate to contact us.

bordado logos

Logo embroidery

  • Memorable
  • Original
  • Unique
  • Coherent
  • Relevant
  • Durable

One of the best alternatives to personalize the uniforms of your company or institution is with logo embroidery . On the one hand, the result is optimal and of excellent quality and on the other hand, they have great durability. They are ideal on knitted fabrics and also on fleece materials.

bordado de nombres

Name embroidery

Do you need this type of service? In our embroidery shop we are ready to make the best embroidery of names on clothes that you can imagine!

Embroidery shop for custom clothing

At T-shirtsflorida we are the number 1 company dedicated to embroidery for custom clothing in Florida. We have been in the clothing printing and embroidery business for over 10 years now, turning our customers’ ideas into reality.

Although it is true, our strength is t-shirts, we can customize any type of garment and product through embroidery. We offer you really professional and very high quality services. Be sure to visit our website and contact us.

How does our clothing embroidery service work?

The client can bring the garment to be embroidered and here we do the digitizing and embroidery process. We can embroider one or several garments according to the needs and wishes of the client.

We can also help you with the design process , if you need advice or ideas. In any case, you can contact us to give you more information.

What garments can be personalized with embroidery?

Embroidery is a technique that can be used in almost all textile genres and in countless products. Among these stand out:

  • shirts
  • Baby clothes
  • work vests
  • poles
  • Caps

Bags and sweatshirts among other products can also be embroidered.

Is it hand-embroidered clothes?

No, we use a more industrialized process where specialized machines and digitized computer software are involved.

What technique do you use for clothing embroidery?

Our clothing embroidery store uses two types of custom embroidery: the classic and the designers. In addition, we embroider directly on the garment or product using machines that help us in the process.

Frequent questions

Embroidery is an art and as such requires learning and a lot of practice. At present, some machines help in the process but of course, it is necessary to know how to handle it.

In general, you should have at your hand certain implements such as thread to embroider, needles to sew wool, interlining shots, and a marker to draw.

Without a doubt, the best option is to put yourself in expert hands who have absolute mastery in the art and technique of embroidery clothes.

In this case there are several factors that determine the cost of embroidery. These include the size of the embroidery and the number of threads to use. In any case, at TshirtsFlorida we have the best embroidery options and the most attractive prices for our customers.

The costs of embroidery of a logo will be determined by the number and type of threads to be used and the stitches to be made. Being decisive then the size of the logo and also the type of garment.

Embroidering is an art and as such requires learning and a lot of practice. Currently, there are machines that help in the process but of course, it is necessary to know how to operate.

In general, you should have certain implements at your hand, such as: embroidery thread, needles for sewing wool, interlining strips and a marker to draw.

Without a doubt, the best option is to put yourself in the hands of experts who have absolute mastery of the art and technique of clothing embroidery.

There are countless types of embroidery: classic embroidery, Carthage embroidery, Richelieu, Majorcan, lizard, Yugoslav, chain stitch, cross stitch and endless styles. There really are techniques and styles to choose from.

To start an embroidery project on your own you can use almost any type of clothes or fabric, from a hat to an old shirt. You can add any design to a pillow cover, t-shirt, hat, jeans, napkins, bag, sweater and more!

You must use a suitable embroider needle. Thicker fabrics will need a thicker needle, have this always-on mind.

If you want to give your clothes a little touch you can use a handmade technique. You will need some thread, an embroidery needle, a printed image and some free time.

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