Business logo tell all about your esence

A business logo gives character and image to companies, brands, institutions and societies. Besides, it allows to obtain recognition before the competition and shows aRead More »
The marketing of personalized t-shirts

The marketing of personalized t-shirts

Personalized t-shirts play an important role in any type of business and are a popular item to promote your business. It is safe to sayRead More »
Custom inks

What are the best custom inks to create great t-shirts?

Custom inks on cool t-shirts Knowing that you want to print on some shirts is the easy part. But choosing how you want them toRead More »
work uniforms

How to choose the work uniforms for the cleaning sector

How to choose the work uniforms for the cleaning sector The way in which the collaborators of a company dress is closely linked to theRead More »
Hostelry Uniforms

Hostelry Uniforms, a main garment in the image of your brand

Hostelry Uniforms is a fundamental garment within the world of hotels, it is the image that is given to the outside. It represents your brand,Read More »
registering designs

Tips for registering designs on t-shirts

Designers who work on creating T-shirts often lose part of their profits because they do not know how to protect their work. Therefore, it isRead More »
custom fluoride t-shirts

Custom fluorine t-shirts to practice sport

Leading a fitness lifestyle and practicing sports has become a trend today. Choosing the ideal sportswear is essential. The custom fluorine t-shirts are designed forRead More »

Custom clothing for gyms and sports clubs

It is important to be motivated when making the decision to get in shape, although you also need to wear sportswear for this. Currently thereRead More »
promote your brand

3 merchandising items to promote your brand

Investing in an intelligent and innovative way to attract the attention of your future clients is essential to promote your brand. There are a varietyRead More »
custom designs

Custom designs to promote your business

Using custom designs in a t-shirt gives you the opportunity to promote your business. Therefore, you cannot fail to take advantage of an advertising opportunityRead More »

6 Programs to Find a Free T-Shirt Designer

6 Programs to Find a Free T-Shirt Designer Bringing your own ideas to life has never been easier. Now, unleashing your creativity to create yourRead More »

The importance of the type of fabric for a print

The importance of the type of fabric for a print When we talk about personalizing a garment, we must bear in mind the importance ofRead More »

Warhol Andy, the greatest exponent of screen printing

Screen printing tells part of its history as an art form. In it we can mention a pioneer named Warhol Andy, the greatest exponent ofRead More »

Graphic design, the best strategy to stamp a logo with quality

Nowadays, graphic design has acquired a lot of impact in the advertising universe. This is largely because it helps to convey the values ​​that aRead More »

Some tips to choose your ideal shirt

When we go to buy clothes, we not only like to take into account the ones that favor us the most. But also we lookRead More »

History of caps and other curiosities of this garment

There are garments that, although we wear regularly, we do not stop to know a little of their origin. Such is the case of caps,Read More »

Technical fabric: the athlete’s best option

The sport continues to evolve. The materials and designs of each garment undoubtedly improve over time. So, technical fabric is the best option for allRead More »

Sustainable fashion. A way to take care of the planet

The concept of sustainable fashion is beginning to be heard more strongly. This is because people who work with fashion have worried about the environmentalRead More »

The difference between brand, corporate identity and logo

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Embroidery and screen printing -More than printing, identification

Currently there are many printing techniques from which we can choose to customize a garment. But, there are two methods that are the most popular,Read More »

What you must know about custom embroidery

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5 questions about DTG or Direct-to-Garment

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With confinement sales of white shirts increase

Nowadays, it is necessary to have clothing that makes us feel comfortable, but also that makes us look well dressed. White shirts are ideal. TheRead More »

How can you prepare an image for silk screen printing

Certainly, one of the biggest challenges for those who want to screen print is having good quality results. There are those who feel that theRead More »

4 things you should know before buying a DTG printer

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Practical guide in creating a clothing brand

Creating a clothing brand has become a trend. With so many resources at hand, virtually anyone can do it. However, most startups fail due toRead More »

Tips to extend the life of our shirts

When we buy T-shirts and clothing in general, we usually don’t pay attention to the labels they bring. But this is a mistake! Because labelsRead More »

International T-shirt Day and its origins

Every year, in the month of June, International T-shirt Day is celebrated. And that is why, to remember this date today, we will talk inRead More »

Different and creative ways to combine your shirts

Learn how to combine your shirts and create the most great looks for every events. Stay with us and continue reading our post! Perhaps itRead More »

Curious fact of custom shirts and its origin

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Meet the creators of the most famous t-shirts

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What is screen printing? Everything you need to know

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How to print T-shirts with plastisol ink?

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6 ways to do T-shirt printing at home

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Coronavirus impact on textile companies

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Create custom clothing labels with these helpful tips

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6 Tips for customizing the uniform of your company rightly

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3D Printing has been the attention of many fashion entrepreneur, designer, and manufacturer. With the potential to cut cost, increase efficiency and spark new innovations,Read More »


There are quite a lot of mistakes being made by entrepreneurs or fashion designers starting a clothing brand. Regardless of how talented, skilled or creativeRead More »


We are all familiar with the old fashioned silk screen printing. A smelly, dirty and fragile process. It used to take about 10 -20 yearsRead More »


The future of cloth design can be found in customizable clothing. Thanks to technological advancements in the fashion industry, this has been made possible throughRead More »


Embroidery machines have existed for a long time and has stood the test of time. It has evolved over time become more efficient and easierRead More »


There are major importance to wearing a work uniform for both the business owner and the brand itself but still, some business owners and employeesRead More »

Importance Of The Uniform For Companies: How They Benefit Your Clients, Your Employees And You.

This topic on work uniform may remind you of When you were younger and starting to choose your own outfits, you probably heard your momRead More »


If you want to have your own online Tshirt store to sell shirts and other garments; here are some things you should know to prepareRead More »


Technology advancement in Tshirt Printing as brought several advancements in the various business sectors some of which has helped businesses improve their productions, services andRead More »

Guide To Starting Your Clothing Brand

Starting your personal clothing brand has become more of a trend and most start-ups have been plagued with making the wrong move, which is dueRead More »
Hostelry Uniforms


Work uniform embroidery is a fabulous way to introduce your business to the world out there, and whenever your workers are outfitted in personalized andRead More »