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Custom cup printing -All you need to know about it

There are gifts that we all want to receive and a custom cup printing is one of them. For being very accessible, usable and memorable, the printing cups have become popular. Besides, their minimalism and high sentimental value make them a very special gift. Custom cup printing You have endless options with cup printing that […]

5 Disney T-shirt ideas for the little ones of the house

T-shirts are worn in all seasons of the year. From their v-neck to round neck styles, they have been widely used by children. When the little ones in the house listen to “Disney”, hundreds of movies come to mind. So today we bring you 5 Disney t-shirt ideas for the little ones at home. What […]

What is screen printing? Everything you need to know

Do you have a textile or advertising company? Then you must continue reading. Screen printing came to stay in the world and never expire. However, what is screen printing? Here we are going to tell you what you need to know about it. What is screen printing? In a few words screen printing is a […]

How to print T-shirts with plastisol ink?

In the screen printing business, to print T-shirts with plastisol ink is an essential part of the job. And is that the proper use of plastisol inks guarantees valuable screen prints. Why print T-shirts with plastisol ink? Well, plastisol ink is the most widely used in the art of screen printing for its easy use […]

Excellent technique of custom embroidery

Nowadays, many companies decide to use the technique of custom embroidery in order to offer a more professional image. And today it is widely accepted because it gives a more elegant use that gives value to a garment. That is why below we will learn more about custom embroidery and some useful tips for using […]

6 ways to do T-shirt printing at home

Creating your own design and making a T-shirt printing has its secrets. From the logo of a band to the name of a pet are personalized on t-shirts today. Certainly, there are many methods you can choose. So, choose one and show the world all your creativity. First at all, start by buying some simple […]

Business logo tell all about your esence

A business logo gives character and image to companies, brands, institutions and societies. Besides, it allows to obtain recognition before the competition and shows a professional, comfortable and careful appearance in the personnel. For this reason, it is essential that you pick the business logo wisely. You also have to choose carefully the materials you […]

Create custom clothing labels with these helpful tips

When you start creating clothes, you are capturing your personal stamp. This requires creating custom clothing labels as a complement that will make your brand stand out, making it quality and attractive. When designing or creating labels, you will represent logos and texts in a defined space. Thus, it is essential to know what will […]

Coronavirus impact on textile companies

The textile sector is currently in shock at the arrival of the coronavirus. It has impacted textile companies around the world. However, the most affected areas have been Europe and Asia. Together, they fight against the economic repercussion of COVID-19. According to ABC News, this situation has given a strong kick to the textile sector. […]

6 Tips for customizing the uniform of your company rightly

Selecting the clothes that will identify your company for a lifetime can be a huge challenge. Therefore, companies today are taking the issue of customizing the uniform very seriously. Besides, there are many brands and models available. However, these designs can almost always differ from what you are looking for. According to experts, a fundamental […]

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