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How can you prepare an image for silk screen printing

Certainly, one of the biggest challenges for those who want to screen print is having good quality results. There are those who feel that the image and colors differ greatly from what they have sent. Then, it generates discomfort for the final result of the work. For that reason , we ask How can you […]

4 things you should know before buying a DTG printer

To have a direct-to-garment printer or a DTG printer is mandatory if you want to succeed in the competitive fashion industry. However, the wrong decision can cause serious headaches. That is why here we have 5 tips to avoid making a bad decision. A DTG printer These are classy and very useful printers. However, there […]

Practical guide in creating a clothing brand

Creating a clothing brand has become a trend. With so many resources at hand, virtually anyone can do it. However, most startups fail due to wrong decisions due to lack of guidance and assistance during startup. Certainly, it is a pity to make a significant investment of time and money so that it falls apart […]

International T-shirt Day and its origins

Every year, in the month of June, International T-shirt Day is celebrated. And that is why, to remember this date today, we will talk in this post about the origins of this popular garment. We also will explain why the first day of summer is celebrated this symbolic day. It is not for less that […]

Curious fact of custom shirts and its origin

Personalized shirts are a garment in common use today. There are a number of very interesting facts regarding custom shirts. So, it is very interesting to know these details about the shirts. T-shirts are traditionally made of cotton, but are usually made of synthetic fabrics. Thus, these amusing facts around custom shirts are amazing and […]

Meet the creators of the most famous t-shirts

A garment that has played a very important role in pop culture is without a doubt the personalized t-shirt. And behind them are its fascinating creators. Today we will know a little more about the creators of the most famous t-shirts. Certainly, they are great characters who have managed to have a place in the […]

The advantages of using custom T-shirts in branding strategies

Without a doubt, there are innumerable points in favor of using custom T-shirts in Branding strategies of a business. So, in this article we present the main benefits of using fully personalized shirts for Branding strategies. The custom T-shirts provide a more professional touch Custom T-shirts are a really interesting option for branding a brand […]

Can you create your own soccer t-shirt ideas?

Whenever we go to a soccer game we are going to do something representative of our favorite team. So, the passionate community of this sport is always looking for a way to reinvent itself and create a creative soccer t-shirt. That is why in this article we will show you some ideas that are super […]

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